We continue to support the good work of the GHNNC by co-sponsoring CERT classes, co-sponsoring the Valley Disaster Preparedness 7th Annual Fair in our efforts toward helping to enrich the lives of our community and to prepare the community from a potential earthquake disaster in what we all know will probably happen one day. As our president, Wayde Hunter is fond of saying:“If we only save one life it will be worth it”.

To that end which have just partnered with the Red Cross to provide a “CPR Anytime” program to train a total of 1000 students and their families in CPR this year at the Van Gogh Charter Elementary School, Robert Frost Middle School , John F. Kennedy High School, and Granada Hills Charter High School.

On a less serious note we have completed the final portion of the revamping of the Bee Canyon Park playground with the addition of a canopy (see below), and have started work on the restoration of the trailhead of the Nature Trail in O’Melveny Park among other projects.