Join the Fight – Stop the Dump (or landfill as it is now called)

Becoming a member helps everyone.  In order to ensure that we are heard, we need the support of our members and the community to voice their opposition to the landfill whenever the opportunity presents itself.

We need to stand up to these polluters and show the whole nation that we care about our families, the environment and our city.  We cannot just move away from this problem.  How do you in all good conscience sell your house to someone who has kids?  What does it do to your property values when you have to tell them that you are living next to a public nuisance?  Tell BFI//Allied Waste/Republic Industries, your Councilperson, and your Supervisor that you do not want the biggest landfill in the United States in your city, near your water, nor poisoning you and your children.  Tell the various agencies such as the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), Los Angeles County Public Works, Regional Water Qualtiy Control Board (RWQCB), Sunshine Canyon Landfill-Local Enforcement Agency (SCL-LEA) that oversee the landfill’s operations to do their job.

BFI/Allied Waste/Republic Industries have, and will continue to poison you and your children, so they can make money.  They don’t care about you.  The day they don’t make a dolllar is the day they will be gone.  The potential future business based on the millions of tons of trash that they can still take amounts to billions of dollars.  A few measly fines lilke the SCAQMD levied recently for Notices of Violations (NOVs) were just a cost of doing business.

BFI/Allied Waste/Republic has spents millions of dollars hiring experts, lawyers, private detectives, and political lobbyists to try to influence our incumbents and the agencies that oversee them.  Currently, they been using Valley Institute of Commerce (VICA), and the Los Angeles Area Chamber to try to influence Los Angeles County Public Works to try and stop the use of daily cover dirt, which is prescribed as a method to stop odors.  Odors, which you all know, are coming into our neighborhood from Sunshine Canyon Landfill.  These two organizations didn’t even invite any local organizations or individuals to rebut Republic’s claims before sending off a letter.

Every penny of your membership goes towards protecting our environment and our kids.  We are staffed by volunteer families and individuals – no one receives any salary or compensation.  Memberships and donations* are tax deductible.  You do not have to pay to become a member, but paid memberships help us in many ways, and any amount is appreciated  (*Please note: donations designated specifically for the legal fund are not deductible.  This fund is vital to our cause and we hope that will not discourage you.  Please mark “Legal Fund” in memo area on check if you wish to contribute to the legal fund.)

Regular $45.00     Sponsor $65.00     Advocate $100.00     Lifetime $1000.00

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