The oil field and the company that supports the contributions to the Patriot Oil Community Benefit Trust Fund which we administer, have as part of their outreach to our community, announced that they are finally starting drilling operations after 5-years of public hearings, and after securing lengthy City of Los Angeles’ approvals including an extensive update of the conditions of previous permits.

DCOR LLC will start drilling Friday, October 24, 2014 in the area north of Sesnon Boulevard, and south of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill’s berm. For those of you who might have concerns for fracking, or for drilling under the landfill, rest easy as neither occurs here. Only one (1) well will be drilled, and the drilling will last approximately 30-days.

Although all precautions have been taken, if you experience any problems (light, noise etc) please contact them at the special number that they have set up for the project at: (805) 622-7969.