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Sunshine Canyon Landfill – Shut-Down Testing Notice

SCAQMD NOTICE OF SUNSHINE CANYON LANDFILL GAS COLLECTION SYSTEM TESTING As the following notice indicates, if you experience odor issues during this period, you should report them. It is important that you do not assume that all odor issues between June 23 and July 3, 2014 are caused by this testing. Indeed, 500+ trucks arrive

CERT Class Jointly Sponsored By Patriot Oil Community Benefit Trust Fund (administered by the North Valley Coalition), and the Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council (GHNNC)

We encourage you to attend, and when you graduate you will receive a free well stocked CERT backpack kit, which as far as we are aware, is not given by any other classes in LA. The knowledge that you will gain is applicable in many kinds of emergency situations, not just earthquakes. If we can