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"Nothing hinders the quality of life in a community more than the smell of rotting trash, especially when the smell permeates
our homes and nearby schools.It is clear that since the county's expansion of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill, that the increased
tonnage creates nuisances that can no longer be mitigated through previous permit conditions.”…… “Though I can appreciate
that Republic has taken steps to improve the situation, they have not proven adequate. I urge you to impose the most
restrictive corrective actions possible to eliminate these foul odors emanating from the landfill and spoiling the air quality
in this community.” Councilman Greig Smith

*Excerpts taken from the official transcription of Councilman Smith’s letter which was read into the record at the
December 17, 2009 SCAQMD Hearing in Granada Hills.

1306, 2014

CERT Class Jointly Sponsored By Patriot Oil Community Benefit Trust Fund (administered by the North Valley Coalition), and the Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council (GHNNC)

June 13th, 2014|

We encourage you to attend, and when you graduate you will receive a free well stocked CERT backpack kit, which as far as we are aware, is not given by any other classes in LA. The knowledge that you will

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