Sunshine Canyon Garbage Dump and Water/Air Safety

Timeline for Sunshine Canyon Landfill

Both the L.A. City & County owned land in Sunshine Canyon

1991 Old City Dump was closed.

1996 County expansion opened in 1996

1999 City passed the expansion & reopening of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill on the city side. It actually opened in 2005

2009 the County and City landfill were combined

Information from Wayde Hunter, president of the North Valley Coalition & the website below:

Granada Hills is a section of L.A. that is near the Sunshine Canyon Landfill and they feel they have done more than their share of housing L.A. City’s garbage. There are Granada Hills’ houses whose next door neighbor is the dump. They feel other parts of the city should take responsibility for waste, also. The old City dump was here, in one form or another, for thirty-five years and the City promised “valuable recreational land” on the site when it closed in 1991. The County expansion, which opened in 1996, was further away from the community. On 12/08/99, our L.A. City Council passed their expansion, and the reopening of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill on the City side, despite the danger to the air, water, families, and natural resources of all of Los Angeles! This was done despite alternatives such as rail haul to other remote sites, and better recycling programs. The approvals also included the provision to combine the County side landfill and to provide additional space to the tune of 90,000,000 tons. The landfill was combined into one landfill in 2009, which has made it the largest dump in the USA. With the City expansion opening in 2005 and the combining of the City and County sides in […]

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Report: Los Angeles Has More Garbage Than It Can Handle

An internal city report recently determined something that all of us that live in Los Angeles can tell: Los Angeles has way too much trash.

Obtained by the LA Times (probably by searching through the “obvious” folder at City Hall), the report was written for the office of City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana. The one statistic that seems to best sum up Los Angeles’ problem is that there are only 700 trash cans in a city of almost 500 square miles. The city apparently thinks there are “thousands” in the streets. Surely many will attest that these trash bins are often in disrepair or overflowing, and sometimes both.

“When you live in a big city, there is a certain amount of grittiness you expect. But there is an expectation that the status quo isn’t good enough anymore,” Santana told the LA Times.

Even more infuriating is that only 35% of L.A.’s streets are even regularly cleaned, which means that a lot of parking tickets are handed out for no good reason (well, there’s a good reason for the city and officers themselves). Handing out these bogus tickets “dampens the relationship and perception of our priorities as a city,” the report said, which is really the nicest way of putting it. At least the mayor is on our side.

Residents of Los Angeles shoulder some of the blame as well, though there’s a certain chicken-and-egg dilemma when the city is unable to keep up with the problem. City Hall is ineffective at enforcing dumping laws, which only further encourages residents and businesses to add to the problem. Los Angeles spends $12 million a year to clean up large dumped items from the streets (furniture, electronics, etc.), but […]

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NOTICE: Cascades Oil Field Drilling Scheduled to Start

The oil field and the company that supports the contributions to the Patriot Oil Community Benefit Trust Fund which we administer, have as part of their outreach to our community, announced that they are finally starting drilling operations after 5-years of public hearings, and after securing lengthy City of Los Angeles’ approvals including an extensive update of the conditions of previous permits.

DCOR LLC will start drilling Friday, October 24, 2014 in the area north of Sesnon Boulevard, and south of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill’s berm. For those of you who might have concerns for fracking, or for drilling under the landfill, rest easy as neither occurs here. Only one (1) well will be drilled, and the drilling will last approximately 30-days.

Although all precautions have been taken, if you experience any problems (light, noise etc) please contact them at the special number that they have set up for the project at: (805) 622-7969.

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    Please Help Meg and Your Neighbors by Signing Their Petition

Please Help Meg and Your Neighbors by Signing Their Petition


How bad could the odors be? In September 2014 alone there were 302 reports to the SCAQMD. For a more complete history see website under SCAQMD Complaints under the Department heading, subtab SCAQMD which shows reports by Year and Month (Through August 2014) at

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    Patriot Oil Community Benefit Trust Fund (Administered by the North Valley Coalition) Update

Patriot Oil Community Benefit Trust Fund (Administered by the North Valley Coalition) Update

We continue to support the good work of the GHNNC by co-sponsoring CERT classes, co-sponsoring the Valley Disaster Preparedness 7th Annual Fair in our efforts toward helping to enrich the lives of our community and to prepare the community from a potential earthquake disaster in what we all know will probably happen one day. As our president, Wayde Hunter is fond of saying:“If we only save one life it will be worth it”.

To that end which have just partnered with the Red Cross to provide a “CPR Anytime” program to train a total of 1000 students and their families in CPR this year at the Van Gogh Charter Elementary School, Robert Frost Middle School , John F. Kennedy High School, and Granada Hills Charter High School.

On a less serious note we have completed the final portion of the revamping of the Bee Canyon Park playground with the addition of a canopy (see below), and have started work on the restoration of the trailhead of the Nature Trail in O’Melveny Park among other projects.

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